Good Samaritan Ministry

To share the blessings of faith to provide funds for outreach and discipleship programs

Did You Know?

The Good Samaritan Ministry facilitates volunteerism and makes funds available for a wide array of services to be responsive to the many needs that exist within our community. Examples include:

• Community Support

• Conferences, Marches and Missions

• Personal / Family Assistance

Our Mission

To engage the parishioners of St. John Neumann parish to share the blessings of their faith by providing funds for outreach and discipleship programs, in order to serve the greatest number of individuals in the most effective way on a local and national basis.

What We Do

Through our "Request for Funds" form found below, we assist our community members with specific financial or material needs. Request forms are reviewed at the monthly GSM meeting to confirm need; funds are disbursed as approved. In addition to overseeing the GSM fund for ourtreach to the poor and evangelization/spiritual growth activities, the other GSM duties include:

• Work closely with St. Vincent DePaul to coordinate funding across parish programs to avoid duplicative services and ensure the greatest numbers of people are served.

• Give financial assistance to the poor, outreach and discipleship activities.

• Serve as a clearinghouse of information about available programs and facilitate volunteer arrangements and monetary donations.

• Coordinate the scheduling of fundraisers and material assistance drives.

The Good Samaritan Ministry desires to make funds available for a wide array of services in order to be responsive to the many needs that exist within our community. Funding can be provided as direct assistance to individuals or to non-profit organizations. Examples of the types of projects that can receive funding include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Scholarships
  • One-time donations
  • Material assistance
  • Youth projects
  • Mission trips
  • Underwriting fundraisers
  • Retreat fees
  • Sponsorships

Who We Help

We work with the following core ministries for financial and volunteering support: St. Vincent dePaul Society; Big Walnut Friends Who Share; Habitat for Humanity; Sr. Nadine Buchanan, Op, Dominican Sisters of Peace; Pregnancy Resource; Mommies Matter; The Shane Center; Run the Race; Cornerstone of Hope; Columbus Catholic Young Adults; Catholic Social Services; St. Joseph Back Door Ministry; Cristo Rey HS; Chillicothe Veterans Hospital; Vanderbilt HS, Tennessee; and the Mission of the Seventy-Two.

Funding requests are not restricted to individuals or agencies within the Sunbury area. Funds can be distributed throughout the diocese, the state, the nation, or even internationally. These funds are meant to be distributed to a variety of locations to meet a wide variety of needs.

Use of Funds

Founded in 2015, the GSM receives funds from parishioners and SJN fundraising groups, and has awarded over 200 grants in the amount of $277,000 to various individuals and organizations. In fiscal year ending June 30, 2022, GSM disbursed $61,500 to worthy causes.

How You Can Help

• Request funds on behalf of a group or individual in need

• Contribute to St. John Neumann Outreach using blue envelopes, checks or EFT – to make a pledge, give on-line via WeShare at

• Get involved and volunteer.

Requests for funding consideration should be submitted via the Request for Funding Form below. Completed forms should be returned to Linda Stoverock, Secretary, Good Samaritan Ministry. Requests will be reviewed by members of the Good Samaritan Ministry.

Interested in Volunteering with GSM?